Our Story

Baraio is a new Japanese rose water brand which emerged from the Shizuoka Rose Project, a collaborative effort launched in 2016 between industry and farmers in Shizuoka prefecture. The former rose-growing capital of Japan, Shizuoka continues to grow many roses for the cut flower market, but roses which fail to meet the necessary standards are commonly discarded.

The focus of the Shizuoka Rose Project was the utilization of imperfect roses rejected by the cut flower market, as well as the fact that the petals of Shizuoka roses are particularly rich in an aromatic component known as Tea Rose Element. A movement began to harness the possibilities this presented to not only launch a high-quality brand from Shizuoka, but also promote a system of circular value creation between roses and humans that would contribute to the revitalization of farming and local communities.

The petals of imperfect roses are removed by hand, and a process of low-temperature distillation using the underflow water of Mt. Fuji is used to extract baraio’s hybrid rose water. Unlike typical rose water, which consists of water infused with a synthetic rose fragrance, baraio rose water is permeated with the comforting fragrance of Tea Rose Element. We have partnered with Miya Shinma, a world-renowned perfumer originally from Shizuoka prefecture, to create three distinct rose fragrances which have come to define the baraio brand.

The baraio rose water brand embodies the Japanese aesthetic of inner beauty that is invisible to the eye, and our rose toner, hand creams and other products are attracting increased attention both domestically and overseas. The Shizuoka Rose Project was founded with the vision of utilizing Shizuoka’s roses to bring pleasure to people throughout Japan and around the world, and we are happy to see this vision turning into reality.