About baraio

Rose water from Shizuoka, Japan

The baraio brand was born in Shizuoka prefecture, the former rose-growing capital of Japan. Our rose water is extracted by distilling petals from roses grown in Shizuoka using the underflow water of Mt. Fuji.

A perfect use for imperfect roses

Baraio was created to find a use for roses which fail to meet the standards of the cut flower market and would otherwise be discarded. By turning these imperfect but lovingly grown roses into products of high-quality value, this Shizuoka-born circular economy brand ensures that no petals go to waste.

Cellulose Nanofiber

The baraio series is produced with plant-derived cellulose nanofiber, a special ingredient that soothes and hydrates your skin.

Tea Rose Element

Extracted from the petals of Shizuoka-grown roses, baraio rose water is rich in the comforting fragrance of Tea Rose Element.

The Japanese aesthetic of inner beauty

Inner beauty as reflected in gentleness, natural modesty and dignified strength – these are the three baraio fragrance concepts that globally-acclaimed perfumer Miya Shinma, originally from Shizuoka prefecture, has helped us create for our products.