• Precious drops of beauty
    From the petals of brightly blooming roses, we carefully extract our rosewater, drop by precious drop. As you luxuriate in the Tea Rose Element which permeates this new rosewater, crafted with care here in Japan, enjoy the subtle yet distinctive scent that lingers around you...
  • Extracting new life from rose petals
    Once known as the rose-growing capital of Japan, Shizuoka is working to regain this status by increasing flower production in roses of the highest quality, while at the same time exploring ways of creating value from the petals of discarded roses that do not reach the cut flower market. The baraio brand is a venture that has sprouted from the advancement of the Shizuoka Rose Promotion Project.
  • Rosewater, born in Japan
    Baraio rosewater is made by distilling the petals of roses grown in Shizuoka with the underflow water of Mt. Fuji. In everything that goes into making our rosewater, whether it be soil, water or flower petal, and in every step of our production process, from the rose garden to the finished product, baraio maintains the most stringent standards of quality to ensure products that are second to none.