• 3つの香りFragrance concepts:
    Baraio fragrances are based on the concept of “invisible beauty.” Miya Shinma, a world-renowned perfumer born in Shizuoka, has partnered with us to create fragrances which reflect both the subtle grace and resolute spirit embodied within the Japanese perception of beauty.
  • 調香師・新間美也
    静岡県生まれ。京都外語大学卒業後、1997年パリにある香水の学校「サンキエームサンス」で調香師の第一人者モニック・シュランジェ氏に師事。パリの高級デパート“ボン・マルシェ”でオリジナルの香水が認められ、2000年にはブランド「MIYA SHINMA」を立ち上げる。日本を代表する調香師。
    Miya Shinma, perfumer
    Miya Shinma was born in Shizuoka prefecture. After graduating from the Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, in 1997 she moved to Paris to study under the acclaimed perfumer Monique Schlienger at the Cinquième Sens perfumery school. She created an original perfume that was sold at the luxury Parisian department store Le Bon Marché, and in 2000 she launched the Miya Shinma fragrance brand, becoming one of Japan’s best-known perfumers.

Special Ingredients

  • Distilled from roses grown in Shizuoka, baraio rosewater is rich in Tea Rose Element, a component recognized for its soothing and healing properties. Encapsulated within our rosewater is a microcosm of beauty, and a world of tranquility.
  • In addition to Tea Rose Element, baraio skin toners, hand creams and fragrance gels also contain cellulose nanofiber, a material obtained from plant matter. Treat yourself to a sense of gentle hydration that permeates your skin at the nano-level.